How to get notifications from Avocode into Slack?

Instantly get notifications about revisions, notes, and comments directly to your Slack channel. Simply follow instructions below to get your Slack connected with Avocode. Note that if you're a part of multiple teams on Avocode, you can connect different Slack channels to each of them.

*To be able to integrate into Slack, you must be an Admin within your team.

  1. Go to "Manage Account"account_e-mail_1.png
  2. Open "Connections" under your teamSlack_1.png
  3. Click on the "Add to Slack" buttonSlack_button_1.png
  4. In case you are in more than one Slack team, choose the desired teamSlack_button_2.png

  5. Select a channel where you want to receive the notificationSlack_button_3.png


And you’re ready to go!

If you want to be able to connect different projects to different Slack channels, please upvote the feature request on our UserVoice.

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