What has changed in the latest pricing update?

With the pricing update on April 8, 2015 we've changed a couple of things.

We’ve decided to have just 2 plans now:

  • Garage plan $8.99 per user/month (1-3 Users)
  • Business plan $12.99 per user/month (up to 30 Users)

The Designer plan was removed and every user can now access the Desktop app without any restrictions. 

Sharing with other users has also changed: you have to invite them to your team in order to collaborate. However, you don't need to invite users to your team if they want to leave notes and discuss.

Along with this pricing update we've also added a lot of new features. You can now leave notes and discuss revisions.

To learn more about our current pricing, please visit this page: www.avocode.com/pricing/

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