Converting a personal account into a team

On April 8, 2015 we changed our pricing. With this update we've removed the "Designer Plan." That means every user can now access the Avocode App without any restrictions. This also affected sharing with other users, which has changed as well: you have to invite them into your team in order to collaborate.

If you're seeing the message below, you've probably shared a project with other users but you can't invite more users. 

There are few options we can offer you: 

  1. Convert your account to a team and add your collaborators as team members. You'll be the one that is going to pay for them based on our pricing. (In case you have the pre-order deal, your subscription will only proportionally shorten and you won't have to pay for other users right away)
  2. Remove the collaborators and use Avocode alone
  3. Keep the account as it is now, but you won't be able to invite more users

Please contact us at if this is your case and tell us how would you like to us to proceed.

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