Adding designs and revisions (01:38)

Adding designs into Avocode is easy. You can do it both from the website or the desktop app. It works the same way.
First of all, you’ll need to create a project to add a design. You can use this button to do it, but I’ve already created some of mine projects so I’ll just show it to you on one of these.
Just drag & drop the design file on top of any project you want.
You can also optionally open the project and use this button to add a design. This option will also let you add design directly from our Dropbox, which is pretty awesome
At the moment you can only drag & drop PSD, PNG, JPG files. Other formats are currently in development.
And of course, if you want to add a Sketch file into Avocode, you can do it from the Sketch plugin we have. Please follow the link below to learn how to use it and how to get it. It’s pretty awesome and super easy.
Ok, now what about revisions? Adding revisions is also a piece of cake.
I am going to use the Desktop app for this, so you can see that it works just like on
Select a new revision of the design and just drop it on top of the old design. We’ll automatically recognize it’s a revision. And everything works just automatically from there.
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