How do guides work in Avocode?

Guides help you measure distances between elements precisely. Guides appear as nonprinting lines that float over the image. There are two types of guides in Avocode:

  • Static guides are created in Photoshop or Sketch by the designer and are synced into Avocode. You can only show or hide them, but you can't move or delete them.
  • Dynamic guides are created directly in Avocode. You can move, show/hide, delete and created as you want.

Show & hide guides

To show or hide guides in Avocode, click on the button with the guides icon, located in the bottom right.

Or you can just use the keyboard shortcut CMD/CTRL + R. You can even choose if you want to only see Static guides or Dynamic guides.

Creating, moving and deleting Dynamic guides

To create a guide just click on the ruler on the edge of the canvas and drag it. Once you release your mouse, the guide will instantly appear.

If you have accidentally created a guide and want to delete it, just use the selection tool and select the guide you want to remove and hit Delete or Backspace.

Moving guides is also easy, you just need to use the selection tool and move it around.

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