Image export basics (01:01)

Avocode lets you easily export layers into formats like PNG, JPG and SVG. I will show you how it works.

Before we do anything, click on the settings toggle in the export tab to set up the export path, where all assets will end up. It’s set to desktop now.

Select a layer you want to export and click “Export Now”. It will reveal this simple menu. Change the name and choose the format. Once you have that, and hit enter to save it into the selected destination. You can even change the format by rewriting the extension - “.png” to “.svg"

We can even create export rules to save multiple images in different resolutions or formats at once. I have these 3 icons selected here. So lets create an export rule by clicking on “Create an export rule”. Then select separately if you want each icon to be saved into separate files.

Lets create another rule. just click again on “Create new rule” and save these as PNG. Once you press “Export now” it will automatically create these 6 images in two different formats needed.

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