What are your future plans?

Here are few features, that we'd like to implement soon. 

Atom.io integration

We'd like to integrate Avocode with the Github's editor Atom. This will allow you to see the design and the editor at the same time. So when you click on a layer we would give you a snippet of code directly into your editor according to the context. So if you are writing CSS we would give you a background image, in HTML <img> tag and if you are writing JavaScript we would give you a new Image object. This will make the transition from design to code so much faster.


Sprite export

Using sprites brings a lot of benefits when it comes to loading speed of the page. However, it's not so easy to create and it can get very complicated when updating. That's why we'd like to make it easier and support it with Avocode. 

Dropbox sync

We understand that many teams now use Dropbox to exchange files between the designer and the developer. That's why we'll soon be adding an option to add a design into Avocode directly from Dropbox. This way we can access the design file faster avoiding the slow upload time.

Mobile development support - iOS, Android

Avocode currently only supports web development. But we know that the workflow of mobile development looks very similar and Avocode will definitely be supporting iOS and Android development very soon. 

If you think that we've forgotten to mention something, you can always let us know here.

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